Children’s College (Infants – K5)

Children’s College (Infants – K5)

  • INFANT I (6 wks. – 11 mos.) & INFANT II (12 mos. – 17 mos.)

    Our amazing infant programs are set on a foundation of Christian nurturing, love and care. We cater to each infant individually to make sure their needs and wants are met with an abundance joy. Our infants begin learning from the Abeka Curriculum to ignite development and curiosity. Your infant will have a full day learning while playing and singing, developing balance and gross motor skills while having tummy time, experiencing different textures through touch & feel storybooks, colorful objects and toys.

  • TODDLERS (18 mos. – 23 mos.)

    Our wonderful toddler program is based on Christian educational concepts that engage our toddlers in a variety of learning experiences. At this stage, little ones are much more mobile and ready to explore everything in sight. Language, independence and potty training skills are major focal points during this period. Our toddler activities help develop the four elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

  • K2 BRIDGE & K2

    Our remarkable K2 program is embedded with Christian values that aid in our scholars’ growth and development. They are learning through sensory play, arts and crafts, painting, and also using and exploring their imaginations. Our scholars engage in unique Learning Centers that help them make sense of the world: Music & Movement, Language & Literacy, Dramatic Play, Blocks & Manipulatives. To top it off, by the end of the K2 school year – our continuously enrolled scholars are fully potty-trained and ready for K3 level learning & fun!

  • K3

    In K3, our scholars are on the move for Christ! During their Bible time, they are learning Biblical stories and life lessons that will impact their futures. They engage in Abeka reading curriculum as well as hands on academic activities. They begin to practice writing, identifying alphabet, knowing letter sounds and counting objects. Of course this learning is supported by fun, healthy doses of running, jumping, and dancing to keep them active.

  • K4

    Our K4 scholars are on fire for God! They are being equipped with the Word of God daily through Bible Scriptures and prayer that will guide them throughout their lives. Our program features theme-based learning in age-appropriate discovery area environments. Hands-on sensory experiences help children understand hands-on concepts as we emphasize phonics, reading, writing, the Bible, numbers, language enrichment, music, and art. Our scholars leave K4 with the skills to read and to write in cursive.

  • K5

    Our K5 program is on another level when it comes to preparing scholars for first grade. Our K5 classrooms provide freedom for the scholars to express creativity, independence, and respect for themselves and others. Our scholars are learning the Bible, classroom habits, skills development, phonics, reading, science, social studies, language enrichment, music, art, and recess for continued development of motor coordination. K5 scholars continue on the path of learning cursive writing and to read with phonics and sounding out new words.

    Each year our K4 and K5 classes graduate to K5 and first grade classes. This program is one of the most memorable events of our scholars’ pre-school careers. Information will be sent home around the month of March so that you will have ample time to prepare for this graduation celebration.


    Our scholars have loads of fun while learning, with structured and non-structured play. When they need a comfortable and quiet place to nap, our scholars sleep in dimly lit classrooms and cozy cribs. Our toddlers through K5 scholars rest on their individually labeled cots in their nap-areas with a favorite blanket from home to help them relax, feel comfy and totally secure while away from their family for the day.