We are a Christian school using the Standard Abeka Curriculum ( Our curriculum consists of the following subjects: Bible, Classroom Habits, Skills Development, Phonics and Reading, Writing, Numbers, Activity Time, Language Development, Poetry, Music, and Recess. 

Character training in a Christian school is one of the supreme goals of Christian education. To train means to exercise, to discipline, to teach, and to form by practice. When a student is trained, that training becomes part of his/her character, helping them to do what they have been taught to do. Training builds habits that are commendable and must take place throughout the day, not merely in a “character lesson” taught once a day or once a week. Our goal is to train children to:

  • Respect authority
  • Pay attention
  • Obey willingly
  • Apply themselves to the task at hand
  • Learn rules and apply them
  • Do their best
  • Learn to work hard

Students are encouraged to develop habits of orderliness, carefulness, obedience, honesty, accomplishment, cooperation, perseverance, self-control, attentiveness, fairness, confidence, responsibility, steadfastness, discipline, endurance, helpfulness, neatness, patience, good judgment, and respect.

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“When we study together, we learn together, we work together, and we prosper together”

– Barack Obama, A Dreamer

Unique Programs

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Our program for infants sets its pace around the needs and unique differences of each child. Our younger infants have a “primary” teacher who centers her day on the schedules of those infants for whom she cares. Your infant will have a full day of learning, playing, and socializing to help him/her in every way possible.


Our toddler program (18-24 months) engages children in learning through playing and exploring, providing them with a wide range of activities throughout the day. Language, self-help, and potty training skills are also developed during this period. Toddler activities also help develop the four elements of development to ensure the growth of the whole child: social, emotional, physical, and intellectual.


The first six weeks of our program for children ages two and three is spent helping them adjust socially to their new age group of peers and surroundings. They engage with our Abeka bible and reading curriculum as well as hands-on academic activities (art, shapes, songs, dramatic play and more). The seventh week begins our early phonics lessons, math, hands-on discovery science and social studies. Our 3-year old scholars begin practicing writing, identifying alphabet, knowing letter sounds, counting objects and work with rhyming words. Of course this learning is supported by fun, healthy doses of running, jumping, and dancing to keep them active.


Our program for our Pre-Kinder (four year olds) features theme-based learning in age appropriate discovery area environments. Hands-on sensory experiences help children understand hands-on concepts as we emphasize phonics, reading, writing, the Bible, numbers, language enrichment, music, and art. Small-group instructions, independent play in an organized atmosphere, and whole group activities help children gain the right skills to hop, skip, and jump into Kindergarten.


Our program for our Kindergartners, K5, enables our students to learn the Bible, classroom habits, skills development, phonics and reading, numbers, science, social studies, language enrichment, music, art, recess (for developing motor coordination), and cursive writing. In K5, students continue to read with phonics, sounding out new words.

Each year, our K4 and K5 classes graduate to the K5 and first grade classes. This program is one of the most memorable moments of our students’ preschool careers. Information will be sent home around the month of March so that you will have ample time to prepare for this graduation celebration.


Our Christian private school system is proud to offer a strong, biblically-based program that supports development of the whole child. Our academics instruction is aligned with the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills), which contain detailed curriculum requirements agreed upon by the Texas State Board of Education for grade levels/courses.

Our reading instruction is skillfully planned to address all five (5) components of reading instruction: phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Writing is incorporated in every aspect of our school content subjects, especially after enriching field trip experiences. Excellent reading instruction assists our scholars during math class. Our math classes are aligned with the newly revised TEKS that include financial literacy. Science instruction is supported through hands-on projects aligned to the TEKS, student non-fiction magazines, etc. Social Studies instruction addresses strands such as culture, economics, citizenship, geography, social studies skills, history, government, as well as Science-Technology & Society.


When kids play hard, they need a comfortable, quiet place to nap. Babies and young toddlers will sleep in a quiet classroom in cozy cribs or on cots. Children ages 2-5 will rest on cots that we provide. Child-size blankets brought from home are required to help the children relax and feel comfortable and secure.

The University of Dreams is continuously adding grade levels, so your children will never have to leave the comfort of the school system.