Volunteer Opportunities

The U of Dreams school system is blessed with a strong supportive church membership that volunteers their gifts, time, and talents to impact the students, faculty and staff positively.  Whether greeting parents and community members on visits/tours or training to step into a classroom to assist – our IBOC Church volunteer base is phenomenal.

If you’d like to become a “Dreamers Partner”, we ask that you complete a volunteer application in person.  We are more than happy to consider you for a volunteer position to determine your best fit in our system.

Our scholars must remain safe and secure at all times. Therefore, all volunteers must pass a background check in order to operate in a volunteer position within our system.

Ways You Can Volunteer 

  • Manage paperwork
  • Help organize classroom libraries
  • Pitch in with an after school enrichment class
  • Present your profession on Career Day
  • Lend a hand at school events (Carnival, Field Day, etc)
  • Greet parents and students on morning drop-off
  • Be a reading buddy for a struggling student
  • Help the administrators and teachers on standardized test days
  • Help supervise during lunch and recess times
  • Help with fundraising efforts
  • Chaperone on field trips
  • Become a class reader