Leadership & Performing Arts Christian Academy (1st-5th Grades)

Leadership & Performing Arts Christian Academy (1st-5th Grades)

  • 1st Grade

    This class is so dynamic that kindergarten scholars walk by first grade classroom dreaming about being inside and the jubilant thought of becoming a first grader! In the wonderful world of “Firsties”, we have hands-on fantastic fun while learning and building friendships. Every academic experience in first grade is supported by music and movement.

    “Firsties” learn to be mindful and apply the “power of yet” as we overcome great challenges together. In mathematics - no problem is too big we can’t solve using our learning strategies. When reading, a magical world full of adventure will be explored no matter what reading level the scholar is on. In science, we learn about the beautiful world God created all around us. As we work on our cursive writing skills daily, every detail matters! During Social Studies, we love exploring the importance of rules and jobs in our community. Although there are tons to learn using the Texas TEKS, we are determined to conquer the year with great effort and confidence.

    Our bible lessons are beyond amazing -- engaging, fun, Spirit-led. Not only do we have research-based brain breaks, but we also LOVE praise breaks! Our Scholars are not afraid to pray and praise God throughout their day! Through the power of prayer, U of D teaches Scholars they are loved and valued by God, even beyond mistakes they make. We believe in equipping our scholars with skills that will help them navigate through life, such as demonstrating Faith, Leadership, Etiquette, Character and Service daily.
    All things in first grade are done for the love of “firsties” to meet their spiritual and academic needs. “Every scholar matters and every moment counts”.

  • 2nd Grade

    How would you like your scholar to be a part of an outstanding team? A “Dream Team” if you will. A team that’s enthusiastic and mature to get the job done. A team that takes college-style learning to a second grade level. Intriguing hands-on activities to build automaticity in all academic subjects. Where else can a second grade scholar learn how to operate and run a technical production that CNN, Fox News, even Disney would pay for! The same team that applies Christian-based learning to every shot they make in life. When your second grade scholar becomes a part of this team at the Leadership and Arts Academy, they will develop a 2 Legit 2 Quit attitude in:

    Reading - no word is too complex to overcome.
    Math - no problem too difficult to solve.
    Science - no project too tedious to figure out.
    Social Studies - no historical fact too complicated to understand.

    Dreamers — that’s what we are — for God has plans for our lives. Do you believe it? If so, consider your scholar for our winning team - the second grade “Dream Team” at the University of Dreams at IBOC Leadership & Performing Arts Christian Academy

  • 3rd Grade

    Faith, Leadership, Etiquette, Character, and Service

    “Wow!” is one of the many thoughts you might have when walking into the Third Grade classroom!  Why? partnership, joyful Scholars, fun while learning, and guidance are a few things that our Scholars experience daily!  In Third Grade, we aspire for our Scholars to reach higher academic levels. Check those Third Grade TEKS, we’ve got it! When your Amazing Scholar enters Third Grade, they are invited into an environment where they’re blessed with the opportunity to have genuine fun with each other and their teacher. They’ll continue to experience creative and crafty ways to learn new academic skills, and learn how to become more independent by having the opportunity to build healthy relationships with one another. Here at the University of Dreams, we want our Leadership & Performing Arts Academy Scholars to know that they’re 100% encouraged to be themselves as they experience an ever growing relationship with Christ through faith, leadership, etiquette, character, and service - that’s our purpose!

  • 4th Grade

    You’ve never seen a 4th grade class like this one! Our 4th grade class is the class of every scholar’s dreams! Banking and Financial Literacy in Math! Discovery and exciting exploration in Science, the importance of history in Social Studies, and of course, Literacy and Reading comprehension. Where else can your child have fun learning, but also grasp amazing problem based learning skills? Nowhere else but the University of Dreams! Here at U of D, our scholars F.L.E.C.S.! We learn to apply faith, leadership, etiquette, character and service to our everyday lives! Our scholars get to experience the real meaning of unity and learn to overcome great challenges together with the help of those around them. Hands-on learning! Practice with public speaking! Building a long-lasting relationship with Christ! Our scholars go home daily with a clear understanding that every scholar matters, and every moment counts

  • 5th Grade

    You want to meet an academically curious bunch? Consider enrolling your child in our action-packed fifth grade class! Some say fifth grade is the best and most fun grade of all. Since this crew happens to be social creatures, we plan academic activities according to the TEKS that include interaction, movement and loads of conversations! We realize our scholars of this age must learn, follow and definitely practice classroom procedures to decrease off-task behaviors. They love to have fun, fun, fun – all the time – and we love it! At U of D, our goal is to go overboard letting our fifth scholars know just how important they are to our school system. We have a standard of respect for all individuals and stand by those principles in our Scholar Council Meetings and Events.  Don’t let their age fool you – they STILL absolutely love participating in our school Productions and Chapel presentations. In fact, our academics – stronger than ever and our biblical knowledge – brilliant by the day. We would love to consider your child(ren) as a fifth grade Mighty Eagle Scholar.