“Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other.”
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy, A Dreamer

What is the Enrollment Process for U of D?

Both University of Dreams schools, Children’s College & Leadership and Arts Academy require an Application and Interview Process. Our aim is to meet with potential parents, guardians and scholars, after an initial telephone interview, to answer all questions and discuss goals and dreams you have for your child(ren). At this time, U of D has met our enrollment capacity for the current school year. Please check back with us in April for updated enrollment opportunities.

I believe private educational settings, like yours, are necessary.  How can I donate?

Glory to God! Please download the “Givelify” App and Give Online.  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.
Feel free to view our website as an option for giving.

Why did you choose to open a private school instead of a charter school?

We honor those who manage charter schools and wish them success. However, we are the Christian educational system of Inspiring Body of Christ Church and are committed to raising young men and women of God who are compassionate, productive, contributing members of society.

It is our belief that this school system should be “covenant funded”; therefore, we humbly give our tithes and offerings at www.ibocchurch.org and invite you to join in our God-given vision. Charter schools are great for those who opt for it, but we are indebted to God to ensure we follow Christian principles, curriculum, and leadership classes that will blaze an unmatched path for our scholars. We believe a private educational system will bless our surrounding community and nation. God Will Provide!

Why should I enroll my scholar at this institution?

We FLECS!! Our scholars are taught to honor Jesus Christ by exhibiting Faith, Leadership, Etiquette, Character and Service. We Are The School That Faith Built. The University of Dreams at IBOC has the vision to inspire dreamers to excellence and enlightenment through a holistic and Christ-centered approach to education.

Your children will be safe, secure and nurtured every day as they walk the halls of U of D. Our administrators, faculty and staff members are Christian men and women who are committed to setting positive examples – not to mention our hands-on, constructivist approach to our Abeka Curriculum and adherence to the state of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.

Who is in charge of the daily operations of this amazing U of D school system?

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” ~Former President Barack Obama

There is a powerhouse triad of high-quality school leadership (2 Directors and an Administrator), classroom educators and committed staff members who permeate the daily atmosphere of the University of Dreams at IBOC. It’s no wonder our scholars of varying ages eagerly attend their content, bible and specials classes with an infectious excitement for consuming all the learning offered. U of D is blessed to hire men and women of strong character of IBOC Church who lead, serve, instruct and nurture scholars to reach their God-given potential. We are intentional humble leaders, a team of believers in Jesus Christ, who continue to guide every scholar to positively impact various industries in our community, city, nation and world for Jesus Christ. Our hearts are overjoyed at the tireless dedication of our founder and visionary, Pastor Rickie G. Rush, D.D. We are love, honor, respect and appreciate him for teaching us how to develop unshakeable faith in Jesus Christ and a passion for the Word of God.

What can I expect regarding safety and security for my child at the University of Dreams at IBOC?

Our U of D school campus is secured 24 hours a day/7 days a week with state-of-the-art surveillance and onsite, armed security services. Rest assured, your child is left in the best school environment this side of earth. Every U of D parent is given a color-coded dashboard sign for their car to quickly identify parents and ensure scholars are leaving our campus with parent-approved adults. Additionally, the only visitors allowed on campus are those limited to specific delivery duties. Our classroom educators are highly trained and skilled in treating scholars of all ages with the utmost respect and dignity. There is absolutely no corporal punishment of any nature administered at U of D. We have great expectations that our scholars will learn to self-manage their behavior as our outstanding leaders, educators and staff model the expected behaviors, procedures, rules and explain age-appropriate consequences. We Are Blessed!

What are the SPECIALS CLASSES for University of Dreams scholars?

Our school week wouldn’t be the same without our amazingly anointed Specials Educators and Classes. U of D is known for our excellent stage productions and public speaking abilities of scholars. P.L.A.Y. (Physical Lessons for Anointed Youth) is filled with dynamic, socially-distanced active play that assists in character building, socialization and teamwork. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of our Visionary Seminary Leadership Class? Scholars are taught the art of film, editing, video recording and production, praise songs, scripture and inspirational public speaking. That’s not it… Our Theatre / Dance class is another opportunity for scholars to tap into their potential and realize their own dreams. Our Fine Arts and Theater Dept. is aptly named after our beloved IBOC Church member and accomplished Hollywood actress, Sis. Irma P. Hall. We honor her hard work, and thank God for her commitment to excellence!